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traypassed hors d'oeuvres
kosher stationary hors d'oeuvres
puff pastry pizza
salads and accompaniments
kosher brunches
kiddush luncheons
kosher food stations
kosher seated dinners
traypassed hors d’oeuvres: dairy
dairy desserts
1. poached new potato round with crème fraiche smoked salmon and black olive tapanade
pareve desserts
2. nori maki rolls filled with rice, fish and vegetables fried in batter, sliced and served with ginger dipping sauce
3. cheese filled gougère
dairy menus for kids
4. tortilla pinwheels with smoked salmon, spinach and capered cream cheese and honey mustard

pareve menus for kids


5. puff pastry pizza rustica with tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, olives and mozzarella cheese
6. puff pastry pizza with caramelized onion, walnuts, feta cheese
7. mozzarella con funghi: tiny toasted sandwiches of mozzarella cheese, sautéed mushrooms with honey mustard, rosemary and mozzarella cheese
8. Neopolitan street sandwich: mozzarella and roasted tomato essence encased in an egg-battered fried mini sandwich
9. cheese-filled fried wonton with plum or ginger dipping sauce
10. roasted sweet peppers on sun-dried tomato melba
11. canapés of smoked salmon and olive tapanade
12. provençal tart with sautéed vegetables on puff pastry crust
13. jb’s quesadilla with blended cheese, corn relish, and tomato/bean salsa
14. bobby flay’s quesadilla with grilled red onion, roasted eggplant, blended cheese and smokey tomato salsa
15. belgian endive with smoked salmon mousse
16. lavosh pinwheels filled with hummus and julienne vegetables
17. puff pastry cheese straws
18. rocquefort grapes with ground nut topping
19. polenta cups filled with herbed cheese and tomato chutney
20. fried breaded cheese with rustic tomato dip
21. sweet potato pancake with creamy tomatillo sauce
22. zucchini/potato pancake with rustic tomato dip
23. spanakopita strudel with spinach, feta, pine nuts
24. potato knish sliced into strudel
luncheon at the mayor's residence
traypassed hors d’oeuvres: meat & pareve
1. flaky strudel with picadillo filling

2. chicken satés with peanut sauce


3. chicken curry wrapped in lettuce leaves


4. puff pastry tartlet with spicy chicken topping

5. chicken-filled fried or steamed dumplings with ginger sauce
6. dijon chicken flaky strudel
7. flaky strudel with polenta, roasted garlic and roasted pepper filling
8. asparagus spear wrapped with smoked salmon
9. breaded chicken roulade with walnut pesto filling and dipping sauce

cubist tent

10. veggie-filled steamed dumplings with asian dipping sauce
11. t hai-sStyle "salad" roll with fish and veggie filling and dipping sauce.

12. potato knish


13. spinach and potato knish

14. sautéed mushroom strudel
15. smoked salmon/tapanade canapé
16. fried polenta with tomato chutney
17. asparagus spear wrapped with smoked salmon
18. bowls of caramelized nuts
roasted salmon
  19. pinwheels of smoked beef filled with spinach and spicy mustard
20. blanched carrot round wrapped with basil and pastrambouldi

21. stuffed mushrooms with various fillings

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