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Food Stations
traypassed hors d'oeuvres

outdoor reception

food stations: carving
roast brisket of beef in tangy barbecue sauce
corned beef brisket
top round of beef
filet of beef tenderloin
pesto-infused roast leg of lamb
butterflied leg of lamb
chutney-marinated roast pork loin
roast breast of turkey
herb-infused grilled chicken breast
medley of grilled sausages
baby lamb chops

stationary hors d'oeuvres
complete salad list
house specialties
world-renowned kosher menus
menus just for kids
seated dinners
brunch menus
the meat is carved in front of the guests and served with:
kassorted freshly baked small sandwich rolls
european style herbed breads
three condiments
such as
dijon mustard, meaux mustard, sweet/hot mustard,
fig/mint relish, creamy tomatillo sauce, cranberry/walnut relish,
tomato chutney, mango chutney, red onion marmalade,
corn relish, tomato salsa, aioli, chili mayonnaise,
bernaise sauce, horseradish cream, creole barbecue sauce


food stations: fish and seafood

1. baked whole filet of fresh salmon
with roasted garlic, rosemary and aioli
2. sizzling bass
infused with ginger and garlic
with scallion/ginger dipping sauce
3. paella
with shrimp, chicken, sausage, peppers and tomatoes
in saffron rice*
4. char-grilled salmon filet
with sweet/hot mustard sauce
5. char-grilled salmon filet
with garlic cream and tomato beurre blanc
6. char-grilled fresh tuna steak
with Tomato/basil vinaigrette and aioli striping
7. breaded paillard of fresh fish
with relish of tomatoes, endive and fresh basil
in raspberry vinaigrette
fruit and cheese display
food stations: chicken
8. sautéed boneless breast of chicken
sliced into java peanut sauce with saffron rice
and chopped condiments
9. breaded or grilled paillard of chicken
smothered with oven-roasted tomatoes, kalimata olives, fresh basil and oregano
10. char-grilled chicken breast
with creole barbecue sauce
11. grilled chicken breast
smothered with roasted sweet peppers, capers and black olives
12. paul prudhomme's fried chicken salad
breaded strips of chicken tossed with greens and julienne vegetables in mustard/scallion vinaigrette
13. jb's hot chicken salad
grilled breast of chicken with medley of greens, toasted almonds, sauteed mushrooms and asian-style vinaigrette
14. jb's cajun chicken salad
sauteed chunks of chicken and sausage, with scallion, peanuts and cajun seasonings tossed into chiffonades of purple and green cabbage in raspberry vinaigrette
food stations: south of the border
15. tostado bar
fried flour tortilla shell
refried beans, jalapeno rice, chopped lettuce and tomatoes, chopped black olives, scallion, shredded, sour cream and salsa served with
grilled shredded chicken or beef
16. chicken tacos
char-grilled chicken sliced into corn tortilla with grilled red onion, goat cheese, cilantro and tomato salsa
with rice and beans
outdoor quesadilla station
17. fish tacos
grilled fresh fish in corn tortillas with shredded cabbage,
shredded cheeses, chopped avocado and jb's creamy tomatillo sauce
18. potato enchilada pie
seasoned whipped potatoes and mild chiles
layered with corn tortillas , shredded cheeses jalapeno/serano sauce
19. grilled chicken
in classic mole sauce with
jalapeno rice and chopped condiments
food stations: pasta
20. Rotolo of pasta
with a filling of spinach, ricotta, basil and pine nuts
sliced into medallions
and served with creamy tomato sauce
and fresh grated parmesan cheese
21. neopolitan-style rigatoni
with tomato confit, roasted garlic, fresh basil and broth
with fresh grated parmesan cheese
22. genoa-style rigatoni
with roast new potatoes, green beans, pesto and broth
23. fusilli
with smoked salmon, asparagus and capers
in reduced sauce of white wine, cream and broth
24. blackened salmon
with fettucine
25. creole pasta
with sautéed shrimp, sausage, roasted garlic and scallion
with creole seasonings
26. pasta and fagioli
a rich chicken or vegetable broth with tomato, and chopped vegetables, pasta and beans
another outdoor reception
food stations: pacific rim
27. Spicy Rare Beef Salad
filet of beef tenderloin dredges with chopped shallots, jalapeno and ginger in an orange glaze
grilled rare and sliced atop medley of greens with sautéed wild mushrooms, orange/ginger vinaigrette
garnished with blanched Chinese peas and carrot fans
28. Hot Chicken Salad
grilled boneless breast of chicken sliced atop medley of greens
with chopped toasted almonds and sautéed mushrooms
tossed with Asian vinaigrette with pan-fried noodles
traypassed hors d'oeuvres
29. Sizzling Bass
infused with ginger and garlic
with scallion/ginger dipping sauce
with stirfy of vegetables and noodles in mahogany sauce
stationary hors d'oeuvres
30. Char-Grilled Salmon Filet
with sweet/hot mustard sauce
and vegetable fried rice
complete salad list
31. Duck with Scallion Pancakes*
grilled tender breast of duck sliced atop scallion pancakes with plum wine sauce and vegetable florets
house specialties
32. Twelve Ingredient Fried Rice
with gorgonzola-filled fried wonton
and plum dipping sauce
kosher menus
33. Thai Salad Rolls
filled with shrimp, veggies, and raw tuna
served with sweet hot dipping sauce
menus just for kids
34. Thai Grilled Chicken Tenders
with Peanut Sauce, Sweet/Hot Pepper Sauce and Siracha
with Orange Peel Rice
seated dinners
35. Tempura Station
with Shrimp, Yams, Zucchini, Peppers and Mushrooms in Tempura Batter with Warm Dipping Broth
brunch menus
36. Carmelized Cashew Chicken
with Kung Pao Sauce
and Scallion Noodles




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